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Configure Android WireGuard Clients

Wireless Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Ansible - Always cast non-string variables

Ansible - Key/CSR Generation with Vaulting

Ansible - Print all hosts in a group

Force Command Prompt on New Line in Bash

Loop Over Unique Pairings of Items in Bash




Ship Docker Logs to Loki

FFMPEG - Speed up audio of a file

Firefox - Forget HSTS

Firefox - Kerberos

Get All IAM Policies For a GCP Service Account

Git Global Ignore File

Setup Git GPG Signing

Grep through entire git history

Limit Git Clone to Just Master Branch For Performance

Managing your $HOME with git without symlinks

Git Multi-line Commit Messages From CLI

How to Push to Multiple Repositories with Git


Export a GPG Key

Generate a New GPG Key

List GPG Keys

Compress a File With GZip Without Removing It

Deploying Docker Images on Heroku

Deploying Python Applications on Heroku

Disable Homebrew auto-update

HTML Small/Basic Favicons

Simplifying Apache httpd setup with mod_macro

Get a shell in a running Kubernetes pod

Get the pod logs from previous running instance

Kubernetes list all images in pods

List a pod's events sorted by lastTimestamp

Get a list of pods and the node they run on

Get a list of pods sorted by memory usage

Run an ad-hoc pod in Kubernetes

Wait for specific pods to be ready

Watch all warnings

Change Kafka Topic Configuration

Show Kafka Consumer Group Details

Show Kafka Topic config

Increasing Partitions For a Kafka Topic

List Kafka Topics

Reset Kafka Consumer Group Offset

Creating Service Principals in LDAP

Common LDAP Error Codes

Updating LDAP Service Principal Passwords


Configure Linux WireGuard Clients

Add Trusted Certificate Authority (CA) on macOS

Show CMD-TAB App Switcher on All Monitors on macOS

Useful macOS Apps

Disable Dock Bouncing Icons on macOS

Disabling auto-hide scroll bars on macOS

Disable Touchpad Swipe Back on macOS

Set Where Homebrew Installs Applications

Locking macOS Dock Content

Locking macOS Dock Size

macOS Network Speed Test

Add Default SSH Key Passphrase to macOS Keychain

Add Dynamic Hot Spare to Disk Group(s) in MegaRAID

Change Cache Config in MegaRAID

Create RAID-1 in MegaRAID

Create RAID-10 in MegaRAID

Delete Hot Spare in MegaRAID

Delete JBOD in MegaRAID

Delete Virtual Drive in MegaRAID

Get MegaRAID Enclosure ID

Show Critical Events in MegaRAID

Prevent sudo Password Prompts

Use prlimit to Increase Limits of a Running Process

Prometheus Query Core/Thread Counts

Generating Base64 Encoded Strings

Get Python's Supported TLS Versions

Recursively Set +x for Only Directories

Redis CLI List All Keys


Environment Monitoring



Set SELinux Context for Container to Access Path

Splunk - Reverse Order Of Events

Auto-Accept and Ignore Changes to SSH Host Keys

Synology - Set Custom DNS Servers for Docker

Synology - Updating Docker Loki Driver

Synology - Setup Unprivileged User Docker Access

Synology - Enable Prometheus Formatted Metrics for Synology Docker

Installing Wireguard on Synology

Setting OS Limits with systemd

Terraform init reporting bucket doesn't exist when it does

Certificate Best Practices

Convert PEM to PKCS#12

Convert PKCS#12 to JKS

Dump endpoint certificate to a PEM file

Generating a Key and Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Generating a Self-Signed Certificate

JKS - Copy existing alias to a new alias

List an Endpoints's Supported Ciphers

Print all certificates in a bundle

Print Certificate Expiry for an Endpoint

Verify Certificate and Key Match

Using Tomcat’s CATALINA_BASE & CATALINA_HOME for multiple instances

KVM - Convert VirtualBox Appliance to KVM Appliance

KVM - Create VM Snapshot

KVM - Delete VM Snapshot

KVM - List Running VMs

KVM - List VM Snapshots

KVM - Restore VM Snapshot

Vagrant - KVM/libvirt Support

Setup WireGuard Server

Zsh Global Aliases

Zsh Suffix Aliases