Installing GOG games that run under DOSbox via Ansible

I’ve created an Ansible role that can install any GOG game that is packaged with DOSbox, see (or rgibert.dosbox_gog from Ansible Galaxy)

Here is an example use case:

- hosts:
    - laptop
- roles:
    - role: rgibert.dosbox_gog
      dosbox_gog_app_name_long: Quest for Glory 2
      dosbox_gog_app_name_short: qfg2
      dosbox_gog_app_bin: "{{ dosbox_root }}/app/SCIV.EXE"
      dosbox_gog_installer_path: /volume1/share0/apps/gog/quest_for_glory_2-
      dosbox_gog_desktop_img: /home/richard/.local/share/icons/qfg2.png
    - dosbox-gog-qfg2

Simplifying Apache httpd setup with mod_macro

For Apache httpd setups with numerous virtual hosts there can be a lot of config redundancy. This can be alleviated by using mod_macro (as of httpd 2.4.6 this is a default Apache httpd module, for older versions it can be downloaded from

Using Tomcat’s CATALINA_BASE & CATALINA_HOME for multiple instances

Tomcat supports having multiple instances from a single installation by using the CATALINA_BASE & CATALINA_HOME directories. CATALINA_BASE is the installation root, while CATALINA_HOME is the instance root. Using these two variables and a few symbolic links it’s easy to support quick & easy changes between patch levels (and even major revisions) of Tomcat without having to re-install & re-configure application/deployment level changes.