• Data Systems: Hortonworks HDP (Hadoop)
  • configuration Management: Ansible
  • Middleware: Apache httpd, Apache Geronimo, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Languages: Bash, Python, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • Source Control: Git, Subversion
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows
  • Build Tools: Maven, Capistrano/Webistrano, Ant
  • Identity Management: Kerberos, LDAP, Active Directory, OpenSSO
  • Monitoring: Nagios, Sensu

Work Experience

  • Senior Platform Engineer, (DNA) Data & Analytics
    Royal Bank of Canada
    January 2016 to present
    One of Canada’s top financial services companies.
    • Designed and built RBC’s new Enterprise multi-tenant Hadoop (Hortonworks) clusters (test and production) with roughly 350 data nodes in production
      • Enabled Kerberos security for all Hadoop services
      • Integrated Ambari & Ranger with Microsoft Active Directory
      • Defined standards for creating security policies in Ranger
      • Enabled high availability (HA) for all supporting Hadoop components including HDFS, YARN, HiveServer2, Hive Metastore, Storm, Kafka and Knox
      • Scripted HDFS directory, Hive database, Kafka topic and Ranger policy creation for more simplified on-boarding of users
      • Setup YARN Resource Manager queues to ensure proper tenant separation and ensure SLAs are met
    • Configured Red Hat Linux to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory using SSSD
    • Automating system setup of all services and tools using Ansible roles & playbooks
    • Writing knowledgebase articles to simplify support and user interactions with our systems
    • Providing 24/7 level 3 support for the production support team
  • Implementation Analyst, Delivery and Support Services
    Implementation Analyst II - July 2008 to September 2009
    Implementation Analyst III - September 2009 to March 2012
    Implementation Analyst IV - March 2012 to January 2016
    A provider of financial processing services, including check processing, payment processing, statement production and document management services.
    • Provide expertise to projects for implementing middleware systems across all development, test, and production systems, working with developers, testers, project managers, and internal and external clients
    • Sought after by project managers for ability to solve hard problems and explain technical details in plain language
    • Extensive experience managing middleware systems/application servers, including writing command line scripts and manipulating configuration files
    • Build solutions that are simple to set up and maintain, to ensure consistent deployment and configuration
    • Effective at navigating change processes, coordinating multiple stakeholders to ensure rapid progression from initiation through to completion and avoiding unnecessary delays
    • Automate and manage build and deployment processes, allowing greatly reduced deployment time requirements and consistent deployment procedures
    • Investigate and remediate security issues, addressing newly-discovered vulnerabilities via configuration changes or upgrades
    • Lead creation of best practice processes and procedures to ensure system implementations are consistent, reliable, and scalable
    • Standardise Apache httpd configuration across the company to simplify configuration management, ensure proper security levels, and allow for easier problem investigation
    • Standardise Apache Tomcat setup of our applications to allow for easy updates and consistent configuration
    • Spin up proof of concept setups to evaluate new products, ensuring they integrate effectively with existing systems and meet business requirements
    • Implement and manage client facing single sign-on (SSO) solutions based on SAML 2.0
    • Develop and manage internal monitoring and system management tools
    • Provide 24/7 support for middleware systems including WebSphere MQ, Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, Apache Geronimo, WebSphere AS and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
  • Interactive Media Developer
    Metroland Media Group
    A fast growing media company owning many community newspapers across southern Ontario
    May 2008 to June 2008
    • Developed Mississauga community web sites using ASP.Net, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.
  • Automation Specialist
    Metroland Media Group
    March 2006 to April 2008
    • Developed and maintained workflows and scripts for the MKS Integrity based C-198 compliance ticket system
    • Developed applications and scripts to simplify maintenance of Active Directory user accounts, desktop systems, and server systems
    • Developed SharePoint WebParts to add increased Active Directory functionality
    • Administrated the MKS Integrity system, including ticket management, application maintenance and server maintenance
    • Developed processes to synchronize data between various systems including Active Directory, a third party email system, Lawson, BMC Service Desk Express, and MKS Integrity
    • Maintained and re-developed KiXtart based login scripts
    • Provided backup support for desktop and server support team
    • Used BMC Service Desk Express to track and maintain support tickets for all incidents
  • Active Directory Roll Out Technician
    Metroland Media Group
    May 2005 to February 2006
    • Migrated Windows 2000 workstations and user profiles from an existing Windows NT 4.0 domain to a new Windows 2003 Active Directory domain for over 1,000 users
    • Updated existing KiXtart login scripts to simplify maintenance
    • Created VBS tools to aid in Active Directory user account management
  • Information Systems Technician
    Diageo Canada Inc.
    A beverage alcohol company with many premium brands across the spirit, wine, and beer categories
    May 2002 to December 2004
    • Provided second level technical support to 500 employees; including 1 national office, 7 regional offices, and 4 production plants
    • Used Remedy’s Action Request System to track and maintain support tickets for all incidents
    • Investigated and fixed lost or incorrect customer order data caused by errors in interfaces between various sites & ERP systems
    • Created test cases for user testing of a new web-based expense system and walked users through testing procedures
    • Reorganized telecommunication services by identifying and canceling duplicate and unused services; recommended the most cost effective provider, and simplified future budget tracking, saving the company over $50,000 per annum

Education and Training