Leadership tips I’ve picked up along the way.


  • Have weekly 1-on-1s with direct reports, they own the first 20 minutes, you own the last 10 minutes.
  • 1-on-1s are not for progress reporting, but anything they want to talk about. This can be as related or unrelated to work as they want.
  • All meetings should have an agenda (1-on-1s excluded)
  • Make sure meeting notes are sent for every meeting.


  • Communicate frequently, the team should not be surprised by anything upstream of you that you knew about.


  • Assume you only have your top talent for 1-2 years, have succession plans in place.
  • Make it clear that you’re comfortable with people leaving, management is about helping your team grow which can include role changes.
  • A good relationship is your top performers will work with you again, don’t worry about everyone being your friend.
  • Keep performance discussions private, don’t belittle reports in front of their peers.
  • Make the expected performance bar clearly defined, let the team know you’re there to help but it’s up to them to meet it.
  • Develop your team, your goal is to get your top performers promoted and move the rest up to be top performers.
  • Under performance is typically a motivation or communication issue, make sure you’re doing your part to address both.
  • Learn to delegate, both the good and bad.
  • It’s easy to deal with poor performers you have personality clashes with, figure out how to do so with those you get along with.
  • Talk to your team about promotions and career growth, take a (real) interest in your staff and it’ll pay off.