Installing GOG games that run under DOSbox via Ansible

July 24, 2018

I’ve created an Ansible role that can install any GOG game that is packaged with DOSbox, see (or rgibert.dosbox_gog from Ansible Galaxy)

Here is an example use case:

- hosts:
    - laptop
- roles:
    - role: rgibert.dosbox_gog
      dosbox_gog_app_name_long: Quest for Glory 2
      dosbox_gog_app_name_short: qfg2
      dosbox_gog_app_bin: "/app/SCIV.EXE"
      dosbox_gog_installer_path: /volume1/share0/apps/gog/quest_for_glory_2-
      dosbox_gog_desktop_img: /home/richard/.local/share/icons/qfg2.png
    - dosbox-gog-qfg2