Installing ADE 4.5.x in WINE

Here is how to get Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to work under WINE on Linux.

  1. Download ADE 4.5.0 & the latest version (4.5.0 can be found at, both versions are needed).
  2. WINEARCH=win32 wine wineboot
  3. winetricks corefonts dotnet40
  4. winetricks ddr=gdi
  5. wine ADE_4.5.0_Installer.exe
  6. Unpack ADE_4.5.LATEST_Installer.exe and copy DigitalEditions.exe, log4net.dll, and rmsdk_wrapper.dll from 4.5.LATEST to the WINE install from running the 4.5.0 installer

I’ve made an Ansible role that installs ADE 4.5.0 (skips the LATEST portion of above), see or rgibert.wine_ade45 from Ansible Galaxy